• Dealing with Wisdom Teeth

    Wisdom teeth are termed your 3rd molars.  Some people never have wisdom teeth that erupt and some have wisdom teeth that erupt early and become impacted.  If your wisdom teeth become impacted, you may be in serious pain and need removal immediately.  That is why many dentists will recommend removing these teeth prior to them becoming impacted.  Our dentists will look over your X-rays and determine if the angles and growth patterns look like they may interfere with your permanent teeth.  You also may not have a large enough mouth to accommodate wisdom teeth.  It can be hard to reach the back teeth and brush properly, so they may have cavities.  Our dentist will determine if an extraction will be necessary in your particular case.

    If your teeth become impacted and you are in pain, call us and we will fit you in as soon as possible to evaluate your wisdom teeth.  But in the meantime, you should keep your teeth and mouth clean with salt water rinses and mouthwash to prevent bacteria and infection.  You can use clove oil and ice packs to help with temporary pain relief.  If the wisdom teeth are growing in and have enough space, they may only be painful for a little while and then be fine.  However, the wisdom teeth roots can continue to grow and cause problems for your mouth in general.  This is why you will need to schedule an appointment with our dental office to determine the severity of the condition.

    Wisdom teeth removal is not a very long process and can result in a same day release.  The whole procedure takes 30-60 minutes depending on how hard the teeth are to remove.  The patient will be given a local anesthetic and sedative while the procedure is occurring.  The opening left by the tooth will be stitched closed, so that food and debris cannot become trapped in this area.

    After the surgery, there may be bleeding in the area and it will be painful and sore.  Our dental office will provide a prescription for pain medication and instructions on how to care for your teeth during the healing process.  You should plan on a few days to heal and should not brush or use mouthwash for over 24 hours.  You should also eat soft foods and drink plenty of water during the healing process.

    Wisdom teeth are more than likely a part of your mouth that you will want to remove.  The likelihood of them becoming impacted or causing problems for your other teeth are very likely.  This is why the recommendations from dentists are usually in favor of removal.  However, you should schedule a consultation with our office and determine what options are the best for your unique situation.  Many people are not too excited to schedule a wisdom tooth removal surgery, but the alternative of having an impaction is a much more painful option.  So, schedule a visit with us today and let us perform an evaluation of your third molars.

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