• Dental Hygiene

    Dental Hygiene

    Making sure you visit our dental office should be a top priority at least twice a year and part of your dental hygiene plan.  We will be able to provide excellent dental care for you and your entire family.  We are in the business of keeping your mouth healthy. So, take the time to come see us and ensure that your teeth are in great working order.

    So, why is visiting the dentist regularly so important?  Well, obviously catching problems earlier is always a bonus.  We will check the health of your gums and also check on your teeth to look for signs of tooth decay.  Our dental hygienist will give you a great cleaning that removes early signs of plaque and tartar before they become hard and start interfering with gum health.  We will also recommend areas that need focused on for better cleaning and we may provide other recommendations regarding the softness or hardness of your toothbrush.

    If you do not go to the dentist for regular checkups you are in danger of serious dental problems.  Without proper dental care, you can lose teeth and require root canals or fillings.  There are also known links to heart disease if you have gum disease, so keeping your teeth healthy just may keep your heart healthy as well.

    The dental care does not stop with two dental visits a year.  You as the patient must continue the process of caring for your teeth at home on your own.  You must floss daily and brush your teeth twice a day.  Your brushing should be at a 45-degree angle against the gums and the strokes should be back and forth gently.  Take care to brush all surfaces of the teeth and don’t forget your tongue, which harbors quite a bit of bacteria.  It is also important that you cut back on sugary snacks and soda that can cause damage to the health of your teeth. If you are snacking, consider brushing afterwards or at least chewing sugarless gum to help dislodge food particles and sugars from your teeth.

    Consider rinsing your teeth with an antimicrobial rinse that can protect your teeth and gums from bacteria and plaque activity, which can cause gingivitis and gum disease.  Mouth rinses are great for getting in the areas that may not be very accessible by brushing alone.  Make sure if your child is younger than six years of age that they are not using fluoride, because they may swallow some and that can be dangerous for children.

    Eat a balanced diet and consider getting enough minerals and vitamins to help protect your general health.  Stop smoking or using smokeless tobacco because it increases your risk of oral cancer and tooth decay.  It also gives bad breath and results in staining on your teeth.

    Even though you visit our dental office regularly, make sure to check on your teeth every week to look for any changes.  Come see us immediately if you experience swollen gums, chipped teeth, discolored teeth, or sores and lesions on your gums.  We look forward to providing all of your dental needs.


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