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    When you get a cavity, you will probably be in need of a filling.  The decay that occurs in your tooth needs to be removed and replaced with a filling to protect the area that was removed from further decay.  By closing off spaces where bacteria can grow, fillings protect your teeth from further decay.  Our dental office would be more than happy to check your teeth for any decay and provide the appropriate filling for your needs.

    There are several types of fillings that exist in the dental field.  There is not a gold standard for fillings, there are a variety of options depending on the type of repair, the location of the cavity, cost, and the allergies of the person obtaining the filling.

    Silver fillings: Great options because they are resistant to wear and well-tolerated by gum tissues.  These fillings last over the years and are inexpensive, but they are not usually used in the front areas of the mouth due to their dark colour.

    Gold fillings: These fillings are also very well-tolerated by the gum tissues and can last more than 20 years.  This is considered one of the best filling materials available, but it is also one of the most expensive and requires multiple visits due to the made to order.

    Composite fillings: These are the fillings they can match to your tooth colour.  They are made of a resin and are usually placed in areas in the front of the mouth where they are the least noticeable of the fillings.  They are not as long-lasting as the metal fillings and can become stained over the years.  They generally last 3-10 years in the mouth.

    Porcelain fillings: These are termed inlays and are produced in a custom laboratory and bonded to the tooth.  The colours can be matched to the colour of your teeth.  They are resistant to staining and are usually similar in price to gold.  They are not as sturdy as metal fillings and can crack.

    Now that you know the types of fillings available, it is a good idea to visit with our dentists to get regular check-ups and catch a cavity early, so the tooth can be filled and not require a root canal or extraction.  Only your dentist can determine if a filling is required, by performing a check-up with a small mirror and special instruments.  They can also see the beginning of decay by taking X-rays of the mouth.

    The filling process is quick and simple for the most part.  Our dentists will use local anaesthesia to numb the area, remove the decay in the tooth with a dental drill, etch the tooth with an acid gel, and apply the resin if it is a composite.  Once the filing is in place and hardened, it is polished and you are ready to go.  Please see our dental office regularly, so we can check on your teeth and keep them healthy.  Schedule an appointment today and invest in the future of your teeth!


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