• Helping Nervous Patients to Relax

    Going to the dentist can be a scary process, especially if you have had a bad experience in the past.  The stress and anxiety that surrounds visiting the dentist is very real and some people will avoid visiting the dentist so they don’t have to go through the anxiety.  However, there is an alternative that may be the answer to the anxiety issues that people face. There are techniques that can be used to manage the nervousness you may feel upon visiting the dentist.

    1. Make sure to voice your fears and discomfort concerns with the dentist prior to beginning any type of examination. This can help the dentist determine the best way to treat you and address your fears.  They may decide to use alternative techniques or sedative dentistry, which involves putting the patient under anesthesia during their exam and dental work.
    2. Start off slow when going to the dentist. Book a cleaning for the first visit and then follow that visit up with another visit that may require a little more work.
    3. Meet your dental office staff prior to your first visit. Make sure that you are comfortable with the dentist that you select and that they are aware of your concerns and have procedures in place to address your concerns.
    4. Visit the dentist regularly to ensure that you will minimize problems with more serious procedures. By visiting your dentist often, they can ensure that proper preventative care is performed to protect your teeth from damage.
    5. Work out a signal with your dentist beforehand that lets them know you need a break and need to stop. This can be a hand signal that lets them know that you are uncomfortable and need a moment to relax and calm yourself.  This will make you feel as if you are in some sort of control during your visit and this will help calm your nerves.
    6. Consider relaxation techniques prior to your dental visit. Deep breathing techniques are extremely important for the dental visit and should be practiced to keep calm and relaxed during the visit.  Determine the techniques that will help you stay calm and go to your happy place during the visit.
    7. Breaks are essential. Your dentist should focus on your well-being and take plenty of breaks during the procedure to make sure you are doing well and comfortable.  The focus from the dentist must be on their work, but they should also not lose sight of the patient and their needs.

    If you practice the techniques mentioned above and take the dental process slow, you can visit the dentist with minimal anxiety and repercussions.  However, if you are still highly uncomfortable, you may consider finding a dentist that specializes in sedative dentistry that allows you to remain under anesthesia during the visit.  This process is becoming highly popular in the dental field and can really help patients who are extremely nervous when going to the dentist.  Keep your options open and select the dentist and methods that suit you best.

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